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"Vocalise Scope" is a new diagnostic vocal pitch-visualizer for iPhone. It has also the Recording function with the pitch analysis.

It can display your vocal pitch in real-time. It will assist you visually for training your a cappella vocals and practice of Passaggio. Please be exploited to improve the ability for your singing.

On sing a song, what do you recognize your pitch on scales? Working on scales is an important part of learning how to control your vocal, developing your voice and keeping your voice in good shape.

It has two methods of sound analysis for vocal pitch estimation, and can be selected either "Sonagram" on the piano scale or "Vocal-score" in the staff notation.

By the version 4.0, Live and Recording mode were integrated into a single view. Also, the automatic stop function was added and the playback sound in Recording mode can be monitored by the built-in speaker.

Vocalise sona_live Vcalise vscore_live

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Products Information

# Product Name : Vocalise Scope

Version : 4.0
Release date : March 13, 2017. UTC
Size : 0.5 MB

Category : Education, Music
Recommendation : Requires iOS 10.2 or later.


"Vocalise Scope" has the following features:

Optimized for iPhone, Compact code size.
Sound analysis corresponding to the human vocal range.
Recording and Playback function.
Pitch display on the keyboard by "Sonagram" analysis; Reliability of pitch estimation (view color: Red - the highest priority, Green - the second priority, Blue - the third priority)
Vocal estimated pitch display on the staff notation by the "Vocal-score" analysis : With displaying a fundamental frequency and its pitch name.
Display ranges : 4 octave (up to A6 from A2)
Pause function.
Automatic stop function: Up to 180 seconds in Live mode and Recording mode.


"Vocalise Scope" can be used in the following situations:

Self-training of a cappella and solo vocal.
Pitch display of sound components contained in the human voice.

Analysis Method

There are two methods of following sound analysis of this application.

SONAGRAM : Vocal analysis on the keyboard

Depending on the degree of confidence, the pitch estimation results are displayed in dot colors. Red indicates that the pitch estimation is the most reliable, the second candidate is Green, the next third is Blue, and more followings is displayed in Gray scale. In addition, the piano key position just before will be displayed in red on the piano scale. Examples of the display is shown below.


VOCAL-SCORE : Vocal analysis in the staff notation

The estimated pitch result is displayed a line graph on the staff notation with a fundamental frequency counter value. Please try to vocalize a key in long tone, since your short voicing may be caused a false detection. If the input is an inappropriate level or out of vocal frequency range, the results does not appear.


Operational Mode

"Vocalise Scope" has two modes of operation, Recording mode and Live mode. The operational mode will switch by tapping Mode button.

LIVE Mode : This app captures a real-time sound from the built-in microphone, and makes the sound analysis.
RECORDING Mode : This app records a real-time sound from the built-in microphone. Then, it perform a sound analysis in offline while playing the recorded data. At the recording, it also performs real-time sound analysis display same as Live mode.

Top View

At the time of starting this app, Topview will be displayed in Live mode.

The access permission to the microphone will be confirmed from the iOS system at the first start-up. Please enable access to the microphone.

The operational area on the Topview has two categories, which is the control area and the display area.

The display area is a multi-functional measurement display (TRACE DISPLAY). At the lower area of the top view, there are seven operation buttons.


Basic Operation

The basic operation of this app is very simple. However, please note that the operation will differ slightly depending on the operational mode.

Sound analysis method : Use the Display button to select a sound analysis method from either Sonagram or Vocal-score. The analysis display on the upper trace display switches.
Select Operational mode: Use the Mode button to select either Live mode or Recording mode. It switches to the view corresponding to each mode. Please check the operation procedure of each mode.
Sound analysis : In Live mode, tap Start/Stop button to start the sound analysis and display the analysis result. Tap Strat/Stop button again to stop the sound analysis.
In Recording mode, tap Rec button to start sound analysis and recording. Tap Rec button again to stop sound recording.

Live Mode

Live mode performs a pitch estimation analysis of the sound from the built-in microphone, and display the results in real-time. The operation of this mode is as follows:

1) Selection of analysis method: Tap Display button, you can select SONAGRAM or Vocal-score. Upon initial startup, SONAGRAM is default.
2) Sound analysis: Tap Start/Stop button, the sound analysis will start. Tap Start/Stop button again, the sound analysis and display will stop. It stops automatically at maximum 3 minutes.

sona_live vscore_live

Recording Mode

In Recording mode, it can record the sound from the built-in microphone, and displays a sound analysis of the recorded data offline. Sound analysis is displayed even when recording. The playback sound in Recording mode can be monitored by the built-in speaker. The operation of this mode is as follows:

Rec -> Stop -> Set Data -> Play -> Pause

- Display: Select an analysis method, SONAGRAM or Vocal-score.

- Mode: Select Recording mode.

- Rec (left upper button): Start sound recording, If tap again, it stops. It stops automatically at maximum 3 minutes.

- Set Data (left middle button): Set the recorded data to analyze. After setting data, by tapping "Play" button, it starts to display the graph image.

- Return to Top (left middle button after tap "Set Data"): Return to top position of recording data.

- Play/Pause (left lower button) : Playback control.

- Time Scale: Display the current playback position.

sona_live vscore_live


At tap of the "Info" button, it will be displayed on the product information. If you tap the "support website", Safari starts and you can see our iOS App support page. At tap of the "other apps info.", you can also see our iOS products on the "App Store".


Vocalise Scope version 4.0 was released on March 13, 2017.
Vocalise Scope version 3.1 was released on March 9, 2016.
Vocalise Scope version 3.0 was released on November 28, 2015.

* App name was changed to "Vocalise Scope" from "fo-Vocalise".

fo-Vocalise version 2.2.1 was released on March 6, 2015.
fo-Vocalise version 2.2 was released on February 28, 2015.
fo-Vocalise version 2.1 was released on September 3, 2014.
fo-Vocalise version 2.0.1 was released on July 16, 2014.
fo-Vocalise version 2.0 was released on June 26, 2014.
fo-Vocalise version 1.0 was released on Feruary 3, 2014.


This app is intended primarily for a single vocal of the human voice. Please note that the correct display can not be done in case of chorus, vocal with musical instruments, and the noisy environment. Recommended for use in a quiet room less ambient noise as much as possible.
In Vocal-score mode, it is sometimes impossible to accurately estimate with a short tone utterance, so please use it to confirm the pitch with a long tone utterance.
Please note this app does not support the audio input by an external connection, such as a digital audio interface.
At the time of the first access to microphone after installing the app, you will be asked permission to access them from the iOS. If you did not enable this setting on this time, it can not be access from the app by privacy restrictions of the iOS. Please enable slide switch of the app in the access permission of the iOS setting, "Settings > Privacy > Microphone".

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